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Inside Asia

Jan 23, 2018

Near the end of 2017 President Trump took a historic eleven-day trip to Asia. He visited five key countries, made headlines around the world, and raised a number of questions along the way. Chief among them perhaps: what is Trump’s strategy on trade with Asia. What is Trump thinking?

My guest this...

Jan 15, 2018

It is hard to overstate the massive resources Asia-born businesses have thrown at the technology revolution, the huge amounts brain power and capital committed to developing new products and services in this part of the world.

We’ve all heard the stories of how China’s Huawei Corporation has enlisted armies of...

Jan 6, 2018

Some of you will have heard the term “4th Industrial Revolution.” If you haven’t…well…don’t look now, but you’re living though the midst of it.

So what is the 4th Industrial Revolution: it’s an era defined by a mashup of new technological advances; big data analytics, artificial intelligence, machine...